i choose "been there, done that" for 200

Before it's release, i knew this game was going to be like Deception with a few more stuff, but since i never played deception (only MK: DA, which i loved), i bought it. It took me 30 seconds in the practice mode to see that it was a total let down. So let's begin our review:

Kombat Mode: here you can choose between Arcade, Versus and Practice mode. The gameplay went backwards this time, they took out 1 fighting style to every character, making the game less entertaining, or at all sometimes; what ever happened to those DA combos that involved the 3 styles?, way to go midway. It's understandable, considering that they couldn't have all those moves for 62 characters, but i prefer all the time having 10 characters with 60 moves each. You end up performing the same combo over and over all the time, with little variation. The fatality system is interesting, it adds a new flavour to the battle, but all characters do the same stuff, taking away personalities, and after a while it gets rather doll. There's still fun though, it's still a MK game, and it's not like it's boring, but it pisses me of that this is the 4th current gen tittle, and they haven't improved nothing, so it's like they added a few things to deception and sell it with another name, with little effort.

Kreate a character: this mode is a nice addition, it lets you customize your own character, having lots of items and shapes, it's cool and people who are into it are gonna spend quite some time with it.

Motor kombat: undoubtedly the lamest addition, you have like 5 cars and 6 tracks, and you can accelerate, brake, shoot and that's it, really lame.

Konquest mode: this is by far the best mode, it gets you on the feet of taven, son of the kings of edenia, in a quest that his father made for him to save the realms. This mode is fun to play, like previous konquest mode and shaolin monks like gameplay. You collect items, battle multiple foes and battle Mk characters at some points in the game, but it's far from perfect, considering it's very "linear" (you follow "one way" roads, without the option to explore places), and it's very short.

all in all, MK: A is a fun game, as every Mortal Kombat tittle, but it doesn't improve any feature, in fact it takes out, making it go backwards and wanting me to play Deadly alliance, better than this one, even though it has 3 or 4 years old. If you never played a Mk game before, this isn't the one to start with, if you are an Mk fan, i suggest waiting till a price drop, this game isn't worth 50 bucks at all