WIRED: You're stupid if you want Nintendo to go third party

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@nintendoboy16 said:

it makes no damn difference to a current hardware maker like Nintendo, as they'll sell out all the same.

Not really. I'm pretty sure there is a small difference from a $5 to a $60 game. Plus their developers have never worked on touch games, they have a huge background on traditional games that require a controller.

It makes a difference where they would go and the app store is the last place I would see them fit in. Maybe they can port pokemon on touch devices but that's about it.

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With the money they have i don't see why they just didn't build a machine as powerful as ps4, i mean reality is we do buy our preferred consoles because of exclusives, and it just doesn't add up, why they didn't make a good console for around the same price and they have nintendo exclusives on it and this would entice third party to develop for them, it's seems like easy money in my eyes

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@ConanTheStoner said:

So yeah, even more than I thought... that's crazy.

Gamers tend to be very short sighted though. If Nintendo were to listen to the average idiot beating the doom drum, the SNES would have never released outside of Japan and that would have been their final console. It's not just Nintendo though, I remember all the idiots calling for Sony to go 3rd party early on with the PS3 and look how that turned out.

Moral of the story? People can be stupid.

Pretty much. Gamers have short sightedness and shorter memories. Four years ago, the Xbox 360 was the gamers' console, the PS3 was a console suffering from its company's arrogance, and Nintendo was on the top of the world and secure with the Wii. Today, the situation is reversed for each of the three.

This industry changes every five years. Nintendo is in it for the long haul. One failed console won't change a thing.

@StrongDeadlift said:

Anybody who thinks Nintendo should go third party is an idiot. That would be literally the WORST thing they could do. Thats what killed Sega. ReviewTechUSA made a very good video about why it is a terrible idea.

All of that being said, the Wii U is a failure in every reguard, and there is NOTHING Nintendo can say or do about it to change that at this point. But, will it "kill" Nintendo? No, it will not. If they DID go third party, THAT would, however, kill them.

The ONLY thing Nintendo can do is grin and bear it for the next 5 years, whilst continuing to support the platform. They'll get'em next time.

This, basically, word for word. The Wii U is an unmitigated failure, this is fact, and almost nothing will change that. But does that mean that the company is doomed, on a path to third party? Absolutely not, it would make no financial sense for them whatsoever, and those who do not understand that have no understanding of basic economics.

@Crossel777 said:

Alternatively.. they could just keep releasing consoles.. That fail... dying... slowly... bleeding sales.

Sure, that's not stupid at all.

Yes, because that happens so often with Nintendo.

Oh no, wait. No it doesn't. The Wii U is the first console where this happened. Oh well.

@bforrester420 said:

Until Nintendo produces a standard, vanilla console (none of this dual screen or motion-centric gaming), I'm staying away from them like a plague. Being a nostalgic Nintendo gamer, I haven't missed their games. The Wii was the first Nintendo console I owned since the N64 and I hated the Wii.

My hope is that after the failure of the Wii U, Nintendo will ditch the 'underpowered console' route, and revert to producing a console that is at least on par with the competition with their Wii U successor. We'll see.

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Meh, I'm hoping for a Wii-U emulator, however unlikely for it to happen.

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@_Matt_: Here's the thing. You're not going to win back the Xbox and Sony crowd. Trend is showing that those who have the 360 or the PS3 are simply going to stick to their successor. You need to send a ripple through the industry to bring them back over.

The Wii had a simple message, and a game that backed the message up. People were enthralled by it. The Wii U is next to impossible to market. It has nice features, and it's nifty when you try it. However, how are you going to sell to the crowd that you have to take a 300 dollar leap of faith to find out just how nice the features are?

DS, in a sense, was the precursor to smartphone gaming. The ability to do brain training exercises is captivating. New genres that wasn't possible before shows up. 3DS was in a similar situation, however, more ambitious games were realized that simply wasn't possible on the DS.

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It's fairly obvious to me that Nintendo has one more console in them, but will it be their last?

Will they drop consoles to concentrate on handhelds?

These are the only 2 questions I'm asking myself. Then again I haven't given much of a fuck about a Ninty in over a decade.