Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Cancelled

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@Locutus_Picard: Thats the dumbest thing I ever heard, Yeah. Why make games for a system with a huge install base? May as well make games for a system that isn't even selling. Smart.

I'm treating this as a rumor, which it is ATM. Even if its true, It would be much better on the Wii U anyway.

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@Gue1: It's not illogical either. Keep in mind that I'm not saying that I want them to release the same day, just that I wouldn't want one version to be cancelled.

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This is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

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That's just great.

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lol did noone check the link.

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Lol, that's awesome Enforced.

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I don't care, I'm getting the wii u version anywho. Gotta have that local multiplayer

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Winner of thread = enforced

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Yo BigBoi and the other person, why you delete your posts :(

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I would find this difficult to believe. Why would they cancel the version of the game that's on the system with an actual install base? Also, what's with the 3DS version updates all the time, if the game's canceled?

But then, I could totally see Nintendo doing something dumb like this.

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Say what? I don't believe this considering they just released new screens a few days ago that were the 3DS version.

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Why isn't this thread locked yet?

I wouldn't care anyway.

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Oh Nintendo what happened to you.

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April 1st was last week charizard.

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Charizard should be banned.

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@Gue1 said:

now the Wii U version doesn't have to be gimped. This is good news....


Smash Bros 4 should stay on WiiU EXCLUSIVELY!!! Please Nintendo, if you are smart and want a better overall game while at the same time driving up sales of the WiiU a bit, CANCEL THE 3DS Version!!! It can only benefit the game!

Even if the topic in the link is about Dark Souls 2, I still want the 3ds version cancelled to give the devs more to work with.

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If I made a thread like this the mods would have a big stick up their ass about it.

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Ya, I dont get why this isn't locked. No offence Char.

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mods please lock this

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You really like to create these type of threads charizard1605. This thread will now be locked since the info in the Op is fake.