Square Enix teasing a new game ( Star Ocean 5?)

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#101 Posted by NoirLamia777 (2119 posts) -

Star Ocean 4 is in the back of my backlog, so if it's Star Ocean 5 I probably wouldn't care.

#102 Posted by DJ-Lafleur (34111 posts) -



Please, Square, please make decent characters this time. Please.


This, plus make it so you can decide which characters join you party depending on how you go about your adventure and who else you choose for your party, like Star Ocean 1 and 2. Loved that about the first two games.

Till the End of Time let you do that between Albel (I picked that badazz) the girl, and the little boy.

I know, SO3 didn't really implement it as much or have as many options though, which is why I'd rather they have something a bit more fleshed out like SO1 or SO2.

#103 Posted by SaltyMeatballs (25150 posts) -
[QUOTE="SaltyMeatballs"]3DS please.Kashiwaba
If im not mistaken last year tri ace demonstrated a new engine for current engine systems so i guess this is the game.

3DS is as powerful as the Xbox 360, Capcom said so. :P 3DS version confirmed.
#104 Posted by istreakforfood (7749 posts) -
Not interested in the game after how bad SO4 was. I wanted to commit suicide due to the horrendous dialogue and story.
#105 Posted by hayato_ (5008 posts) -

As the biggest Star Ocean fan (rebought Star Ocean the last hope since mine was stolen) and an owner of every game. I would love love love this to be true. This along with Tales of Xillia in 2013 would be awesome.

Take my money S-E and put Tri Ace back on the project.

#106 Posted by reaver-x (2794 posts) -


Betting on a mobile game. (and I don't mean the Vita/3DS)


You really think they would bother making all this teaser for a phone game?? If this really ends up being a stupid phone/social game i'll rage quit SE :x

SO5 2013 PS3/Vita/Xbox release make it happen!

they did that b4 or have u forgotten.(Twewy ring any bells??) i aint falling for there garbage again its more than likely an IOS port of one of the SO games and nothing more srry but i refuse to get hyped up for this after the recent stunts they've pulled
#107 Posted by reaver-x (2794 posts) -


I'd love to see more JRPGs in space. : (


Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch! ( i know i know its not in space but its still worth looking at/playing :P )

theres also i dunno xenoblade chronicles..oh wait thats right its not PS3 exclusive lol silly me there no way we can count that
#108 Posted by DrTrafalgarLaw (4440 posts) -

Still no Versus huh?