It's pathetic it's come down to securing indies exclusivity

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@RR360DD said:

Its the over-reliance on indies that pisses me off.

Why Sony are relying on indies to sell 'teh most powerful console in the world' just doesn't make sense. Complete waste of a console

It takes time to make games. Maybe you didn't notice that since all MS does is buy rights to them for a year at the longest.

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I don't really give a shit. As long as the game is worth getting it's all that really matters.

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AAAs are dying across the industry, breh.

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@Wasdie said:

Wait, indie games by default play better on a PC?

The amount of ignorance people have just blows me away some times.

Also the hate indie games get around here is staggering. You guys really love your short, corridor, AAA budget shooters don't you?

I think indie games do play better on PC by default though: obviously this applies to most (if not all games) but the ability to use a variety of different control methods to suit your personal taste just makes them superior. Many people prefer a keyboard for old school platformers for example; the majority feel a controller is superior but I myself prefer an arcade stick -- regardless, even if you have to edit ini filesor use 3rd party software, a pc allows this.

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Sometimes these games require funding though, and the only ones willing to pick up the tab are MS, Sony, Nintendo. Games get released, the company gets their exclusive; I don't see what the big deal is. Sure, loads of it will be crap, but once in a while, if you keep your eyes open, you'll find a gem in there.

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It's pathetic that they are still called indies. The moment they join a partnership with a large console maker, receiving funding/privileges along the way, they cease being independent.

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Who's securing Indie exclusive


they just stole dreamfall chapters

when was it?

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Indies are going to be the only way to see new game play and new ideas, when an Indie turns out to be a blockbuster I think it'd be obvious that one of the consoles manufacturers would seek to secure it for their own

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Certain indies are a must buy and I have all platforms so I dont care where they land as long as I can play them.

Thats pretty much how I feel. True Gamers always win.

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the exclusives are on their way....i thought everyone was happy with sunset overdrive and bloodbourne?

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Minecraft is the most played game on all platforms except PC .... tops Xbox Live ..... Indies are huge and interesting games.... and count as full games. the right indie exclusive IS a big deal.

So many narrow minded muppets in this thread.

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Sony was the first to take interest and express the value of indies and show some heart, and of course came Microsoft with their big wallets like "HeeeyyyY!! Look at all the money we stole from xbox fans. We'll give you some if you make that one game only on our system"

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Can you ink an exclusivity deal of any sort and still be indie?