Forza 5 falls to 80 on MC, lower than GT6's 81

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@Eddie-Vedder said:

ROFL The Lem tears are hilarious LMFAO

SO much damage control LOOL

A 3DS game is considered better than TLOU by Gamespot. And based on ratings, so are many other games.

The only tears and DC here is coming from you.

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Damage control thread?

I would hope a third game on a console would fair a bit better than the first game on a new console.

But this is Gamespot. You wanna use Metacritic scores than go to Metacritic.

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lol metacritic

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Lol cows still butt hurt? They have to learn to let things go. Anyway, what happened to 'omg teh comparing current gen game to last gen game'?. Cows are so full of crap, such hypocrites as soon as it suits them.

Must be a standards thing. GT6 flopped even by last gen standards.

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The amount of content present in FM5 was both expected and disappointing. It'll probably be the first FM game I skip, I'm sure FM6 will be a huge improvement.