Smash bros leaker found, fired, and sued.

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Still rumor but it looks to be true. It was a NoA guy who was supposed to be giving that stuff to the ratings people. Instead he leaked images and still is in possession of a copy of Smash for 3DS. He was found out, fired, and is facing litigation. Do you guys think it was worth it? I really don't.

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This whole thing is getting out of control. It definitely wasn't worth it; the game is out in 20 days in Japan. However, if this is true... then the leak would be more credible.

And if it's more credible... then my hope for King K Rool slowly, but surely, dies.

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Not worth it if it will cause you your job & getting sued..if you sign a contract or under nda - you'd be stupid to do it. I don't get it, what's so special about leaks anyway...are people really that nuts over Smash character roster? :P

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If this is true, his job was to pass out review copies and press materials with discretion then I'd say that was one of the cushiest jobs he could have ever had at Nintendo, especially considering the rate at which they put stuff out... and he blew it, he deserves all that's coming to him.

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Any Nintendo employee would not risk something in this magnitude. I mean, really, you work at Nintendo. There's too much to lose and you lost any chance to get a new job in the gaming industry. I'm doubting this rumor.

EDIT: It would be more believable if, let's say, this employee's teenage son managed to get his hands on the video files and leaked them online because he's a huge Smash fan and didn't comprehend the consequences, but the employee still got full blame for not keeping the material discrete from his family. Idk. Something along those lines sounds better than an adult hating his job and wanted to get fired with a bang and some lawsuits.

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I'll have to wait and see if the rumor is actually true on both ends, but obviously it's not worth it if true. Getting fired and sued ain't worth a silly leak of characters.

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If true, the guy is an idiot. He took a risk with absolutely zero reward. Leaking it accomplishes nothing, unless his intention was to ruin his career.