Pokemon platinum freeze on no$gba

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#1 Posted by Gravsteen (25 posts) -
After I beat Jupiter and Mars, and Cyrus is calling for dialga and palkia the game keeps freezing. Can someone please explain how to fix in an easy way? :)
#2 Posted by jonathanj23 (255 posts) -

You should just buy the real copy! I dont know anything about those software things on the computer.....

#3 Posted by Gaming-Planet (14642 posts) -

Discussion about emulators isn't allowed here.

#4 Posted by Nomoreblasphemy (198 posts) -

1. No EMU is guaranteed to work so if it doesn't, you're outa luck.

2. Discussion of Flash Cards, EMU's and ROMs is forbidden on this site.

3. The real copy is only $35 and is guaranteed to work. If you can't afford it, then you need to find another way to entertain yourself. Gaming isa privilege, not a necessity.

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i almost made a mistake like this when i was a noob, then i read the rules,

#6 Posted by MADGENIUS_Hojo (29 posts) -

Hmm... GBAtemp.net can probably help you, but I'm afraid everyone here is right, this is not a question to be asked here and is in violation of the TOS.