Need recomendation for 3rd party gamecube/Classic controller for Wii

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This is really due to smash bros comming round the corner, I only have 3 GC pads (i have another but it's third party and the WIi apparently can't detect third party GC pads). So after a new controller for the Wii.

The obvious option is to get a new GC pad, especially as my old GC pads are starting to have problems with the A button feeling more "squishy" then it used to. However there are a number of third party controllers also released which are compatible with the Wii.

I know there's some classic controller third party remakes which are more like GC controllers, but these won't work "as" GC controllers, only classic controllers and hence won't work with some games on the Wi or backward compatible GC games (I'm loving metal slug and Viewtiful Joe at the moment).

A third party GC controller for the Wii though would work very well as it could be used for smash bros, metal slug, most virtual console games, and obviously GC games I put in the Wii, basically everything, but I don't think any are available :(

If anyone has any ideas for third party controllers it'd be much appreciated!

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somebody with more posting know-how should give you a link to the Thrustmaster controller. It's basically a wireless GC controller made to work with the Wii. I believe it also has rumble... I saw a pretty favorable review over at IGN
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For a compatible GC controler IMO you just can't beat the Wavebird wireless. It may cost more than cheaper 3rd party controllers, but it's well worth the money. It also works perfectly with any Virtual Console N64 games.
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Wavebird is discontinued. I use a cheap pelican remote.
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Wavebird or official, all and i mean ALL 3rd party GC controllers suck.
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yeah but trying to find wavebirds or GC pads in aus is next to impossible :(

Nintendo are complete idiots for stopping production of GC pads, many many VC games are compatible with GC pads, backward compatibility with gamecube REQUIRES GC pads, and some Wii games also need GC pads (smash bros and metal slug come to mind). Without GC pads those two Wii games are practically useless, so why has Nintendo stopped production!

I really really wanna get the message out to Nintendo that they're being dumbasses, the Wii really doesn't work without GC pads, too many Wii games require them :( Eventually none of us are gonna be able to play Brawl as I'm pretty sure most of our controllers are already upto 5 years old, and probably in need of replacment shortly.