Mini usb power connector

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A guy that I know told me that I can use a regular mini usb on the ds... but I see that they're not quite the same, despite that it fits almost without trouble. And I say almost, because you have to do little pressure :P

It doesn't charge when I plug it in the USB of my PC though...

In this picture you can see two differents mini usb:

The one from the right is the mini usb that I have, and I believe that the one from the left, is the same as the DS one...

Is there any risk of doing this?

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Ooh, usb for ds.

Who knows, why would someone use a usb cable for ds anyway?

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I would not try it, seriously. They're not quite the same, and they probably won't work with each other...why else would Nintendo have made the charge port proprietary?
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Use the correct cables for their intended use.
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Sorry about necro posting, but I had to respond to this as it shows up high on Google's results page.

To the OP:

Absolutely not. Just because you can force it or that it happens to fit doesn't mean they are the same connector. It's a good bet that they aren't even pin compatible. By that I mean the pins of the jack and cable plug pins (what the cable and device use to speak to each other) do not match. There's a good chance you'l get either cross communication of one pin to two pins, or that you'll get the wrong signal from one pin going to the wrong pin. IE: Power from the power pin going to the data pin which would fry your device's power supply or damage the chipsets in the device. This is a problem with Firewire as it's very easy to "force" the cable's connector plug the wrong way in the connector jack and fry both the devices.

The Mini-B USB connector plug can only be used with Mini-B jacks (unless adapted by an adapter). I suggest reading up on that: and read up on the concept of cabling.

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i use mine that came with my camera . works,great. fits perfectly