Is Battlefield 4 coming to WiiU or not?

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Different websites are telling me this game is on WiiU, but no retailer has it on its website

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It's not.

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EA has said they have no titles in the works for WiiU.

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Nope. Not unless EA swallows a giant pill called forgive and forget. Unless they lose this hate for Nintendo then no it wont come to the Wii U.

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Nope and it's a shame because I dream of playing Battlefield with Pointer Controls.

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I wish! I'm dying to try that series with Wii remote and nunchuk controls.

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not this year..

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If it was, I'd buy it. I tend to only get these military shooter games for Wii/U because of pointer control.

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Not this lifetime. No Battlefield game has ever been on a Nintendo console. Battlefield 4 is not coming to Wii U. even though it could run the game since this is on PS3 and Xbox 360.