hi can you help me pick some good 3ds games

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what sorta games u like?

- pokemon x, mario 3d land, fire emblem awakening, luigi's mansion and a link between worlds are pretty much must plays..

for specific genres

- donkey kong country returns/nsmb2 (platformers)

- pokemon x/y, smt 4 (rpgs)

- 999 and zero escape (visual novels)

- mario kart 7 (arcade racer)

- animal crossing, rune factory 4 (life sim i guess?)

- crimson shroud (table top rpg.. plays a lot better than it sounds)

- layton and the miracle mask/ace attorney 5 (puzzle)

That shld be everything.. there are ofc some awesome gems on the ds as well if you havent played it yet. notable examples would be 999, radiant historia and chrono trigger

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My favourites include Resident Evil Revelations, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, and Mutant Mudds (eShop title).

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Some great games that can be had for around £10 or less

StarFox 64 3D - Pure awesomeness

Ghost Recon: Shadow wars - very Fun turn based Strategy best launch title imo

Street fighter 4 3D - Best version of the game

Resident evil revelations - Best looking game on the system

Metal gear solid 3D - was amazed they fit this game on a 3DS

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Try out Fire emblem Awakening. It has lots of helpful (but not intrusive) tutorials and a "casual" mode that makes it great for beginners.

Knowing what genres you like would be of immense help.