Can you get in trouble for using Pokegen?

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Yeah,the pokepolice will go after you.

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On the DS games, you would get disqualified from official tournaments if you get caught using hacked pokemon. Even if you manage to transfer hacked pokemon to X & Y, I'm sure some tournaments will only allow the use of pokemon native to the Kalos region, shown by the blue pentagon on their summary screen. Outside of tournaments, you wouldn't get in trouble, but some people will not like you if you use them in battle. Taking time to breed and EV train may be time consuming, but it's much more rewarding than hacking.

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Yep Officer Jenny would arrest you

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@nini200 said:

Yep Officer Jenny would arrest you

She can arrest me anytime!

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@nini200 said:

Yep Officer Jenny would arrest you

She can arrest me anytime!

I need Nurse Joy to heal me

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@ANIMEguy10034: ok thanks for your legitimate response

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Don't believe in those guys. I used legal hacks in Gen V and still got the rewards for participating in Wi-Fi tournaments.

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If you hack Pokemon you have a really pathetic life.

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Don't believe in those guys. I used legal hacks in Gen V and still got the rewards for participating in Wi-Fi tournaments.

Don't believe in who? Me?

Let me clarify:

Many people get away with hacked pokemon because they know how to make them look "legal." Those pokemon are not created legally, but their data appears legal. However, if you make one small mistake in Pokegen, that pokemon will lose its legality and will be easier to identify as hacked. Players get away with hacked pokemon in Wi-Fi tournaments because there's simply too many people participating for The Pokemon Company International to check everyone in real-time. However, TPCi does check on player's teams after the tournament is over, and those who were easier to identify for using hacked pokemon were not included in the tournament rankings. They still got the reward for participating because everyone gets an award for participating. There's a HUGE difference between Wi-Fi tournaments and the Regional, City, National, and World Championships. The Pokemon Video Game Championships are the tournaments that will take their time to check every single pokemon from every single participant before they can battle. You will be disqualified and be sent home (which can be a plane flight away) if you are caught using at least one hacked pokemon. Reason why players who get the opportunity to battle in the championships do not risk their hard work with hacked pokemon, because even if they are the best at creating "legal" pokemon through illegal applications, anyone can make that one small mistake that will lose their pokemon's legality. The pokemon may look completely legal on the outside, but one tiny bit of data may not match 100% to what's possible in the games.

I'm not ordering anyone to stop hacking. Anyone can do whatever they want with their games. I'm just informing that consequences do exist if you are caught in these official tournaments. Not every hacker is caught, but many are. Outside of tournaments, there's nothing anyone can do to stop you. Go wild. However, those who use obvious hacked pokemon in battles will have less respect from me and the millions of players that play legit. Hacking loses a huge purpose of the games: taking time to breed and train your pokemon. Pokemon X & Y made breeding and training a lot more easier compared to previous games, and Smogon, or other fansites, have free active battle simulators for those who just want to create teams and battle without spending time training pokemon from scratch. There really is no need to use hacked pokemon in battles.