Any good 3ds XL sales coming soon.

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#1 Posted by gotdangit (8149 posts) -

Either on black friday or around christmas? I really want a 3ds, but I'd rather get the XL just because it seems a little better. The colors suck honestly.

With the XL out should I even bother getting a regular 3ds?

But if there are any really good deals you know about, it would be awesome to hear. I really want a 3ds with all the cool games coming out.

#2 Posted by Justinps2hero (2187 posts) -
Nothing before the end of the year. About £155 seems the cheapest unless you wanted to risk a second hand one form some well known tax dodging on line trading place. Be interesting to see if theres a price drop in Jan, I reckon Nintendo will be trying to shift units.....just to keep themselves in the black after a very average WiiU launch.
#3 Posted by dlmcamaross (39 posts) -

They had the XL for $179.99 USD last week. Not sure if it's still that price.

#4 Posted by Trinexxx (883 posts) -
Best Buy had $20 off ($179) along with a $30 gift card (a few good games available for $30).