Wii U Bricked (Gamestop)

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#1 Posted by solidkratos816 (247 posts) -

Hey guys. My Wii U already bricked because the power went out during the update (my fault). I just bought the Wii U from gamestop yesterday. Will they be able to offer me an exchange for it? (I called to ask but for some reason they wouldn't) Thanks a lot I really appreciate it.

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did you buy the warrenty? if not called nintendo IDK why people don't call Nintendo

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you bought it yesterday surely they will replace it...this is why I shop at costco, walmart, ect. you could drop it down the stairs and they would replace it

#4 Posted by MonsieurX (31211 posts) -
Don't why they should take it if it's your fault.
#5 Posted by IMAHAPYHIPPO (2706 posts) -

Just tell them it doesn't work; you don't have to tell them you did anything to it.

#6 Posted by JP_ (12876 posts) -
Hey there Solidkratos816, Check if you have the Warranty (if you do then just go to the site and do the repair order and it will be fixed free) It's actually not your fault the power went out so here Use this link - Wii U Nintendo
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doesnt the manufactuer offer one year warranty from when you buy it?
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Don't why they should take it if it's your fault.MonsieurX


any big box store would...heck at walmart you can take it back 89 days later and say "meh don't like it" and they will give you your money back without even turning the thing on

Warranty is better than nothing but kinda sucks having to send something away to get fixed

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Doing an online update can be a very risky proposition for some folks.

I hope you learned your lesson.

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I love playing a handheld console right when a power outage occurs! lol but I am sorry to hear about your new Wii U.
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Don't why they should take it if it's your fault.MonsieurX

Because in a lot of countries there will be some kind of gaurentee act that should cover such a mistake. A $350 item shouldn't break simply because the power went out - even if there was a message saying you should keep the power on. 

#12 Posted by solidkratos816 (247 posts) -

Got it exchanged today! Thanks guys really appreicate the help. :)