Wii Trade Values [Gamestop/EB Games]

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#1 Posted by jtpownall (126 posts) -

Does anybody know the trade value given at the moment by either Gamestop or EB Games for the following items? [any of them]

- Extra Wii Remote

- Extra Nunchuck

- Classic Controller

- Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar

- Guitar Hero III + Wireless Guitar [Wii]

- Ghost Squad [Wii]


#2 Posted by Bobert66 (224 posts) -
I don't know, I'd just go to the store and ask.
#3 Posted by bottomdollar (1229 posts) -
You will be better off selling on Ebay then trading in, you will not get nearly the amount of money you are looking for. Find a member on here called Jaysonguy and read his blog from about 2 weeks or so when he explains what Gamestop/EB do with the value of video games.