Who is your favorite Nintendo character?

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I personally like Diddy Kong idk why

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Both Link and Samus are badass mofos.

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Link, Fox McCloud, Wolf O'Donnel, Toad.

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peach or donkey kong...

cpt falcon in third

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Link, Donkey Kong, Samus.

In that order.

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Toad. Followed by Toadette and Toadsworth. Captain Toad might ursurp Toadsworth if he keeps up the momentum though.

As for non Toad characters I'd rank them Zelda, Link, Geno, and Samurai Goroh (F Zero)

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Fox McCloud, Bowser, and more recently Zero Suit Samus.

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Luigi and Donkey Kong

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Donkey Kong.

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King Koopa, Koopa Kids, Shy Guy, Daisy, Samus, Kanden, Noxus

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Link and Yoshi. I guess I'll also include Mario because most of my friends link me with Mario. Everytime they see a Super Mario toy or shirt or any kind of merchandise, they message me saying I should get it.

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Pikmin (not a huge fan of the captains other than Olimar), Shy Guy, I like Luigi due to the humor he brings, and I've started to like Captain Falcon, Samus, Fox, and Ness.

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Really? Not one of you said Kirby? For shame gentlemen, for shame.

Zelda and Kirby are my two favorite series so it's hard for me to choose.

In then end, I'd go with Kirby. Followed by Link, then Pikachu, Mario/Luigi, Peach/Daisy/Zelda, then I like everyone else about the same...More or less.

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Fox McCloud, Mario, Donkey Kong, TMNT (Michelangelo), Doomguy (unnamed Marine in Doom)

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Samus and Pikachu

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Link, Yoshi, and the Koopa Troopa for karting

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Probably Fox Mccloud, Star Wolf, Link and Samus (both power suit variation because she's flexible for any type of bad situation and Zero Suit because she kicks wholesale ass in smash Bros).

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@TheDarkWolf86 said:

Fox McCloud, Mario, Donkey Kong, TMNT (Michelangelo), Doomguy (unnamed Marine in Doom)

Flynn Taggart was the doom guy's name

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Many. Makes you realize how many characters nintendo has.

***Am I the only one that has the balls to say they've got a soft spot for Mario? First game I played on the NES as a child.

Nobody mentioned the Wave Race announcer. Yes I'm counting him. He gave so much character to that game.

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Link and Yoshi honestly...

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My top three would be Captain Olimar, Donkey Kong, and Little Mac for sure

"The ship has a lot of self-importance for a machine. Apparently, machines can exhibit human characteristics after all. Perhaps they even have a soul? If this is true, then maybe you can work them into the ground until their spirit is broken"- Captain Olimar

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@nini200: Thank you. I honestly did not know the name.

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