What are the best multiplayer DS games out at the moment?

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#1 Posted by tarzanell (1503 posts) -
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
#2 Posted by sephiroth_y (1392 posts) -
Mario Kart (maybe), If you play Japanese game, Final Fantasy CCRoF and Dungeon Explorer
#3 Posted by Erebyssial (2903 posts) -
Mario Kart definitely, and Diddy Kong Racing which was also has a great multiplayer aspect. There's alot more... Metroid Prime Hunters also comes to mind as a shooter.
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so far every game ive bought has wifi except for Mario Party and Resident Evil DS...but then again i only have 8 games..

1. Metroid Prime: Hunters

2. Ultimate Mortal Kombat

3. Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

4. Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08

5. MarioKart DS

6. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

..each one is fun both online and in single player mode. i suggest any of these if they happen to spark your interest.

#7 Posted by huntervaneg (519 posts) -
Mario kart and Metroid Prime Hunters are extremely good as multiplayer games. I haven´t played the new Mario Party but friends of mine told me that is great as multiplayer.
#8 Posted by WSGRandomPerson (13693 posts) -
COD4, Metriod, Zelda, Pokemon
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Mario Kart is the one I play most (local multiplayer is much better than online, especially with 6 or more people screaming at their screen in a single room). I'd like to try multiplayer of Mario Party on once catridge.
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Clubhouse Games has over 40 board / table / card games for local single-card play and online play via Nintendo WFC. You can play a ton of games with a lot of variety in them, all with great stylus controls.
#11 Posted by digiram79 (251 posts) -
Mario Party DS. It's better MP8 on the Wii.
#12 Posted by vitaro_SSJ (72 posts) -
MPH and pokemon are great but if not online than try mortal kombat
#13 Posted by luke141eels (10143 posts) -
mario kart is a great multiplayer
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mario kart, zelda phantom hourglass is pretty fun, metroid prime hunters is sick, diddy kong racing ds, age of empires the age of kings is fun multiplayer but it dont got online..............im prolly gonna get custom robo arena ds because it looks sweet.
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Mario Kart DS for sure....
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I'd have to say the game that still holds it's replay value is Mario Kart, 1. Its the best mario kart game to date. 2. It's fun to play again by yourself and 3. The multiplayer is awesome for anybody to just sit down and play.
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i would have to say mario kart but if u can get more than one u should prolly get: mario kart, pokemon (if u like rpg's and spending hundreds of hours to collect all of them and battle) metriod,
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Yugioh world championship


Dragon Quest Monster Joker

#19 Posted by tgh93_29 (1483 posts) -
mario kart ds is great with both single card multi card and wifi
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My buds and I have a blast playing Bleach: The Blade of Fate.
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Mario Kart and MPH are pretty sweet.:)
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how is the multiplayer on Mari0 Party DS? and how are some of the mini games?

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Mario Kart DS for sure....bernieberry
yeah, mario kart has the best offline, and online multi player, along with Worms Open Warfare 2.
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Mario Kart, Metroid: Prime Hunters

You can find some PRETTY bad arse gamers in those games.

#25 Posted by 185twewy185 (62 posts) -
Metroid Prime Hunters and Mario Kart are my 2 favorite DS games to play on multiplayer.
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Metroid Prime: Hunters, Mario Kart, Bleach: Blade of Fate, and Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.
#27 Posted by Lunar52 (2538 posts) -
Metroid Prime Hunters has fantastic online and offline multiplayer.
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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is really on wifi because u can do the story mode online with friends!!!! Anything u can do single player, u can do online. best co-op ds game. :D

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Whoa!! I didn't expect to see that much people recommending MPH. Usually, it's gets criticized.

BTW, like the majority, I can recommend to you MPH and Mario Kart. Also, if you like Yu-gi-oh, the wifi on those games are JUST AS excellent. Zelda Ph was OK for a while. Pokemon is only good for trading. Unfortunately, you can't battle people online. Stupid Nintendo

Hope this helps.

#31 Posted by Ze_Common_Cold (246 posts) -

Jump Ultimate Stars, Pokemon, Custom Robo, Metroid Prime Hunters, Mario Kart. All great.

#32 Posted by Travo_basic (38751 posts) -
What about GTA? How is it's MP?
#33 Posted by riariases (2335 posts) -
Hands down, Fnal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. Its got local multiplayer, wi-fi multiplayer with random matchups or by exchanging friend codes for private game sessions. Theres also Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates but it doesn't have all the wi-fi options and you can't play multiplayer in story mode.
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Clubhouse Games has over 40 board / table / card games for local single-card play and online play via Nintendo WFC. You can play a ton of games with a lot of variety in them, all with great stylus controls.sergioalb64
This, and Jump Ultimate Stars. Jump has the smoothest online of any DS game I've played.
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Phantom Hourglass is fun, Mario Kart, Metroid Prime Hunters, Tetris, Skate It, Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime, Worms Open Warfare 2, Pokemon Platnium/Pearl/Diamond

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skate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......................it........it

Back to the grave with you zombie thread.-verbtex