So Mario Kart 8 is a failure.

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#51 Posted by Pixel-Perfect (5778 posts) -

I agree that they ruined battle mode, and the character selection is pretty bad... none of the other stuff really.

#52 Posted by Dennysinny (250 posts) -

tell them about the whack roster as well !

#53 Posted by Bigboi500 (29947 posts) -

TC is just mad because he can't come in 1st place 90% of the time like in previous games in the series. This one actually takes a lot of skills, knowledge of the shortcuts, and luck to come in first.

#54 Posted by Dom_Hawk_basic (404 posts) -


It could be worse it could be Mario Kart for the original Wii. That game had great maps (because they mostly came from the N64 version of the game) but the controls and sense of velocity were way off and unenjoyable. I've been playing Mario Kart since Kart64 and so far the only one I've truly hated was that Wii disaster. This game is much better and I found the controls to be intuitive. You are entitled to your opinion; However, I don't agree.

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And people thought MY entrance into the forums was bad... :P

Seriously, though, I think everyone has pretty much said what needed to be said. I also have the same fear as someone mentioned earlier: the TC does not actually own the game.

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@Pixel-Perfect said:

I agree that they ruined battle mode, and the character selection is pretty bad... none of the other stuff really.


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Troll alert

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So this failure just managed to push 2 million units in a single month

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@greenmagic469: get the Wii U Pro controller. Honestly turned it into a completely new game for me. Otherwise I'd use the nunchuck and joystick. The touchscreen gamepad makes the experience horrid for me.

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so this thread is a fail, MK8 is awesome and sold a lot of copies.

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The Game is a failure because you don't like it, Okay buddy because last time I check the world doesn't orbit around you

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@Shinobishyguy said:

So this failure just managed to push 2 million units in a single month

It sold so much because while this is a stripped down version of Mario Kart it came at a reduced price at most retailers, a free game, and 5 dollars eShop credit for most users.

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@Bigboi500 said:

Disagree with almost everything you said. Just because you personally don't like it, doesn't mean it's a failure. It's quite the opposite, actually.

This. You are entitled to your opinion TC, but everyone I know says MK8 is by far the best in the series. Leagues better than MK7 or Wii.

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Although I dont believe it is a failure (I cant imagine any mario kart game to fail), it was still an underwhelming game, as was 7. The game feels too showy and fancy, with tricks starting to feel repetitive and unnecessary (If you want a trick racer done right just get excitebots). Anti grav is cool, but doesn't make up for an unsatisfying item arsenal. I cant believe fake item block is still removed. And not even the mega mushroom. Stuff like that is why I like wii version better. But that's just how I see my perfect mario kart; more focus on items, rather than tricks

#65 Posted by Essian (3436 posts) -

Other than your control complaints, I disagree with EVERYTHING you said. The controls are marginally worse than previous entries, but this is still the reason I bought a WiiU, and is absolutely fantastic.

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-lists opinions

-states they are facts

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I agree with the OP on some aspects.

The kart handling is WAY too goddamned easy. I started on the SNES version and there were a million ways to crash, fall of the track etc. There were also ton of ways to do crazy things like skip parts of the track with risky maneuvers that you could master with practice. This one goes way out of its way to make it damn near impossible to make any kind of significant mistake. I think the game has been dumbed down to a point where its just sad.

The graphics are fine to me, but they have noobified this game beyond belief and that to me makes it one of the worst incarnations.

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Mario Kart 8 is and ok game but not the best Mario Kart game, I would play the battle mode all the time on the Wii version online about every day but with Mario Kart 8 I have only played the battle mode just a hand full of times since I purchased it on day one.

#69 Posted by theguitarguy321 (54 posts) -

1) The roster: I'll admit the roster from MK Wii was better,(Pink Gold Peach WTF?!?) but its not that big of a deal.

2)The controls: Rule of thumb-If one method doesn't work, try another. You don't have to just use the gamepad. Try using the Wiimote and attachments you may have(I recommend the classic controller).

3)Maps-Dude, seriously? These are some of the best maps that Nintendo has made in the entire MK series!

4)Battle mode: It can be fun at times, but really the racing is all that matters

5)Overall-This is a great game. Do you know how much $$$ Nintendo is going to make because of this game? This will easily become(if it hasn't already) a best seller.

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