Pilot Wings Resort or Steel Diver?

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#1 Posted by gracideadude012 (921 posts) -

Hi there, I'm just about to trade my 3DS towards a 3DS XL at GameStop and the website shows that they're giving away either Pilot Wings Resort or Steel Diver free with your purchase. Can anyone help me decide which one of these to get, please?=)

#2 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8518 posts) -
I got both for 5 bucks each at best buy the other day. I like pilot wings better.
#3 Posted by gracideadude012 (921 posts) -

Thanks! You got a good deal on them, maybe I'll check out Steel Diver later, but I'm getting Pilot Wings free as of now, thanks again!=)

#4 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8518 posts) -
The 3d effect on pilot wings is pretty cool too. It's probably one of the better uses of 3d in a game. For free u probably can't go wrong with either but I wouldn't pay 39.99 for either.
#5 Posted by Rod90 (7266 posts) -
I really enjoyed Pilotwings Resort (even if the 3D effect is broken in this game), so I recommend that one. I spent many hours in the "free play" mode.
#6 Posted by homegirl2180 (7161 posts) -
Avoid Steel Diver. Can't speak for Pilotwings, but avoid Steel Diver.
#7 Posted by Arthas045 (5246 posts) -
I thought Steel Diver was a good concept, but not worth the full price they charged. I picked the game up for 15 bucks and I really enjoyed it. I cannot say much for Pilot Winds 3ds I have never played it... I liked the SNES and 64 versions though lol
#8 Posted by Pikminmaniac (9036 posts) -

As far as I'm concerned, Pilotwings still has the strongest 3D effects on the system. If you're into high scores and besting yourself, it can be very fun and addicting too.

#9 Posted by Heirren (17287 posts) -
Pilotwings has the best 3D effect so far, and the game is also very good.
#10 Posted by KBFloYd (13793 posts) -

Pilotwings has the best 3D effect so far, and the game is also very good. Heirren

mario 3d land is pretty close too..

#11 Posted by DJ_Lae (42748 posts) -
Pilotwings is a lot of fun, it's just really short/shallow and there's no true free roam mode. Steel Diver is garbage.
#12 Posted by BatCrazedJoker (1978 posts) -
I prefer Pilotwings over Steel Diver.
#13 Posted by wwefanforlife (3247 posts) -

Pilot Wings Resort isn't a bad choice it can be fun at times.

As for Steel Driver I haven't played it since it's not my type of game but I've herd it's very short.

#14 Posted by joshuarocker (603 posts) -
I was really surprised with pilot wings. It was almost worth the price tag of a full price game. I spent a lot of time and had a lot of fun playing it. I had been wanting to pick up steel driver since launch and finally did for $10 and was very happy I didn't pay anymore. It's a fun game but no where near worth full price. It would have been a perfect game to be packed in for free with the console. I'd say its worth a short diversion if you can pick it for under $10. Pilot wings is the easy choice between the 2 games here.
#15 Posted by HotelShy (27 posts) -

Get pilot wings.