Pick my next 3DS game for me ! :D

Posted by Royyyyyyyy (12 posts) 5 months, 21 days ago

Poll: Pick my next 3DS game for me ! :D (32 votes)

Mario Kart 7 13%
Kid Icarus : Uprising 9%
Pokemon X/Y 19%
Fire Emblem Awakening 50%
Kingdom Hearts 3D : DDD 3%

As the title said, Bravely Default is my first game and I'm about to finish it soon. Now doing some survey on which game should I buy next.. Too much choices , limited amount of money :3 Pick it for me ! There are more great games I might forgot so please list it here also. :D

Thank you , any suggestion is appreciated.

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Link Between worlds.

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Fire emblem Awakening. Great SRPG with a lot of replay value.

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@farrell2k said:

Link Between worlds.

If you like Zelda at all this would be a great choice.

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Fire Emblem is the best game on that list. In fact, it still holds the throne for best 3DS game. Good story, addicting and polished gameplay, gorgeous visuals, easy for newcomers to pick up while still being challenging for veterans, and some of the best production values I have ever seen for a handheld game. You won't go wrong with it.

You should also include Zelda A Link Between Worlds in that list. An excellent game and a very close second for me. My only complaints are its lack in difficulty and replay value.

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Another reason to get Fire Emblem is that those games tend to get really expensive when they're no longer available in game retail stores.

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Pokemon X or Y

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get mario kart 7.

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Awakening, best 3DS game they have ever made.

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I don't recommend Kingdom Hearts DDD. It's overly complicated and just (yet another) rehash of the original.

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All of the games minus Kingdom Hearts I own play and love to a great extent.

As far as the poll went, I voted for Pokemon X/Y because that game is awesome first of all, but it should follow your tastes as an RPG since you said you already own Bravely Default which from my knowledge is also an RPG?

Currently I'm playing Resident Evil for the 3DS on the Circle Pad Pro. If you are a fan of survival horror then I recommend this game because it is true to the genre's roots and really showcases the 3DS's power graphically.

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A Link Between Worlds would be a safe bet. For future consideration, play Ocarina of Time 3D if you haven't yet. Also, for future consideration, the Legend of Zelda games on the DS were good, those were Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

If you love JRPGs, I'd consider the Shin Megami Tensei games, which there's a good deal of on the 3DS, they have Devil Survivor: Overlocked (remake of the DS game) and Devil Survivor 2: Record Break coming (also a remake of the DS version), Soul Hackers, a remake of an older Saturn game, actualy fun, and SMT4, which was originally designed for the 3DS, and of course Persona Q which is coming in November. Keep in mind you can also play DS games, so there's the option of SMT: Strange Journey, and of course Devil Survivor 2 which hasn't been upgraded for the 3DS yet (and who knows when that'll happen, was supposed to be last year). And of course, with Persona Q coming out, if you're considering it I'd dabble in some Persona 3 and 4 if you haven't already to bring yourself up to speed (and that by itself is its own reward)... that's on PS2 though, but if you have a PS3 I believe they're on the PS Store, along with other classic SMT games.

If you're into Phoenix Wright and/or Professor Layton games, the crossover game is coming out next week. And if not the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy should be releasing soon.

Oh, if you haven't tried Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon yet, you should... at some point.

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Pokemon have a great online battle.

I like kingdom hearts but you should try the demo before to buy it.