My DS Went blanK!!! HELP!

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#1 Posted by Chromepro (40 posts) -

My DS which Ive never had problems with recently started to go blank on the top screen.

Basically when I am playing it will go blank on the top screen as I might move flip the screens.

And the only way to get it to work is to play around flipping it and pushing down hard on it.

I have no idea what to do, now it won;t work at all!?!?!?

Please help! Thanks

#2 Posted by dan_savi (244 posts) -
does the screen turns off or just it gets blank??.... your best option is to call nintendo and ask them ;)
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does the screen turns off or just it gets blank??.... your best option is to call nintendo and ask them ;)dan_savi

Ditto; this sounds like a serious problem. Have you dropped your system? If not, or perhaps even if you have, Nintendo will liekly send you a free replacement if your system is still under warranty.

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sounds like a loose or broken connector for the top screen. You'll need to get it fixed by nintendo.
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Thanks for the quick responses.

Ok so I bought this from eBay but it was brand new not refurbished in the original wrapping..

It turns black not blank as if power still goes to it but it doesnt show any images.

So I dont have a warranty, can someone show me how I can contact Nintendo and get it fixed.

I have not dropped it or damaged it, this happened on it's own.

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if you mean like your moving it and it kinda flashes and stuff so you move it around and stuff thats what my laptop keeps doing :) but for some reason it stopped

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yah thats what I meant

but now it completely stopped. can someone help me contact Nintendo?

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well if you want to contact them just go to or call 1-800-255-3700
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the flat wire that connects the top screen to your motherboard has gotten loose or is broken. It would be much cheaper for you to either buy a new top screen at ebay and replace it yourself or look inside and find out if the flatwire is only loose which you can just snap into place before you waste 50/75 bucks on Nintendo's service.
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hmm that aounds nice

could you help me find a better way to open upo my ds like maybe a guide or something


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Like others have said best to send it to Nintendo, from what i have heard they have great customer service.
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hmm looks like ebay sells top screens only..


the pic in that auction is my problem

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If that is the case I suggest you send it to Nintendo. Here is a link on how to disassemble a DS Lite
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Send it into Nintendo.
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call nintendo and ask them if its something you can do they will tell you if not send it to them
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i've had this problem many a time, but mine just goes white, once it went pink. it COULD be a problem with your gamecard, like mine. the chip inside the casing for the game couldbe loose, and if u tilt your ds back, the chip will slide, thus disconnecting ti from your ds, and causing it to freeze. ALTHOUGH, i COULD be wrong. its all random speculation.