Kirby's triple deluxe or yoshi's new island

Posted by spau0588 (54 posts) 9 months, 15 days ago

Poll: Kirby's triple deluxe or yoshi's new island (14 votes)

Kirby 79%
Yoshi 21%
Other 0%

I want to take advantage of the buy one get on free deal at best buy. I'm going to get mario golf but I can't decide on the 2nd. My top choices are Kirby's triple deluxe and yoshi's new island. I like platformers so that's kinda where these choices come from. Which should I get?

#1 Posted by Tokeism (2349 posts) -

Kirby, its basically 3 game in one and in my opinion has a better art style

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I haven't played Yoshi, but I've also heard not many good things about the game. Kirby on the other hand is probably one of the better games to come out this year for the 3DS. The platforming, collectibles, and mini-games are a treat. Definitely get Kirby.

#3 Posted by YearoftheSnake5 (8028 posts) -

I haven't heard anything good regarding Yoshi.

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I haven't played Yoshi but Kirby was a pretty good game. In terms of the singleplayer I feel like it showed its hand right at the beginning of the game and then does little new throughout.

The amount of collectables in the game is a nice touch though. Had me interested in finding more keychains.

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I haven't played Yoshi's New Island either. However, I can attest that Kirby Triple Deluxe is a fantastic game.

There is no other 3DS game that uses the 3-D visuals as well as it does. The levels are very creative and there is a ton to collect. Besides, there is also Kirby Fighters, which is incredibly addictive.

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Kirby hands down. Yoshi's New Island was horrid. The original SNES one was better and it is basically 99% the same game lol.

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The answer is...

KIRBY. Have fun.

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Kirby is amazing. Yoshi's Island is a very very simplified game. Very short as well.

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get yoshi's new island.

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Kirby. I loved the original Yoshi game on SNES, but every one since feels lifeless.

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I'll be getting Kirby

Even though I love the 2D Yoshi platformers, I have zero interest in getting the new one. The artstyle makes the game look worse than the SNES and DS ones, and I read in reviews the gameplay wasn't very good either.

Such a shame, because this game was done by the same team that did the great DS Yoshi game.

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While I favor Yoshi as an IP, were looking at a very good Kirby compared to a fairly poor Yoshi.