how to look for japanese games?

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Do you use certain websites that show you the top game chart? I am trying to find some websites that can do this

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Uh.. Japanese specific charts? VGChartz has one..

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Hmm, GS used to do a segment on here where it showed the top charters for Japan each week, but that's become spotty (no pun) at best. It's possible you could try Gamespot Asia's website to see if they have a bit of a better list. You can maybe try saying that it's the end-all-be-all but it at least does a good job about being organized and it does show separate charts for each region--Japan included (in both hardware and software). It does good w/ giving you a good idea of what's hot in Japan at the moment and it stays relatively updated from week to week as new titles release. I know I visit it from time to time.
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Uh.. Japanese specific charts? VGChartz has one..

LOL.....I just mentioned that, too. Great minds think alike. ;)
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thanks guys