How important is memory on the Wii U?

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I was thinking about buying a Wii U Skylanders Swap Force bundle at $210, however, it is the 8 GB version of the system. I don't plan on downloading any games that have physical versions available, but I was wondering if this limited amount of storage would still be a problem for any reason? I plan on playing primarily first party Nintendo titles. Also, does the Wii U have many good original downloadable titles? Thanks in advance for any responses :)

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Well the 1st update will take you 5 GB. But you can use, SD cards, flash drives and up to a 3 terabyte external memory is no issue. Other then DLC you'll be fine. There are a number of nice indie games on the E-Shop.

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@Master_Of_Fools: Thanks for your quick response. The updates really that large right off the bat? I wasn't expecting that!

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@Mongul94: Just the 1 update. It basically makes the Wii U do all it can do lol.

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@Master_Of_Fools said:

SD cards

SD cards can't store Wii U games. It's primarily used for Wii Mode content.

@Mongul94: If you're not going to download any games, I think the 8GB version will do fine. If you ever need more space, I advise getting one of these. I have a 32GB version on the back of my Wii U. It's small, discrete, and gives me the extra space I want.

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@YearoftheSnake5: Thanks for the heads up on storage options. That's a good price on the 32 GB version, and I'd be shocked if I ever exceeded that much. I'll make sure to put that on my amazon wishlist so I don't forget about it!

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I didn't say that SD cards can hold Wii U can store DLC and such on it.

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I didn't say that SD cards can hold Wii U can store DLC and such on it.

you cant use sd cards for dlc either....sdcards are only for wii mode.

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That's the bundle I got in december from newegg as well, I sold the skylanders stuff for about $50. Pretty good deal compared to the $300 32gb models. (though they had those on sale for $250 at the time)

After the updates and everything that's on the console, you'll have a little less than 4gb's, but it's still plenty if you buy all your games physical, even with the occasional eshop only game. And yes, you can always get a cheap flash drive when you do run out. I haven't needed to yet though.

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@KBFloYd: I already have DLC on SD cards...I have New Super Luigi U on an SD card...

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In my opinion, I think the 8 gb bundle was intended for "hardcore" digital users. So they give you practically no memory, and the user can expand this with their own memory. You don't have to worry about it so much with the 32 gb model.

If you're intending to buy everything on disc, you won't have problems with the 8gb model. Though, memory is pretty cheap, so you can expand this easily with an external device.

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@YearoftheSnake5: I absolutely second the Cruzer fit line. They're so small you literally won't ever notice it's there, not will it accidentally get knocked out. I run lego city off one with no trouble.

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@Lonelystrokez: That 5GB comes out of your you only have your 3GB left.

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thx for reply