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What game do you think is the closest to Fable (Xbox). For me I think Rune Factory Harvest Moon is the closest.

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I do not think I have played enough games to determine what game is closest to Fable. But out of all the games I have played for the system the colsest would probably be generally any action game. Like a 3D action game type thingy.
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ok fable for ds your dreaming

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that sooooo true!!!!!!

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Rune Factory isn't anything like Fable, and certainly doesn't have as much depth.
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What aspect of Fable did you enjoy? Narrow it down for me. :)
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I play more turn-based RPGs, so I can't think of a very good example. Lunar Knights is supposed to be action with light RPG, so that might be similar. I do know that Rune Factory isn't even remotely like Fable, however.
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never will happen
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QUOTE="SUPER_FLY_"]never will happen

he never said if it will happen he said what games are like it,read the post first,instead of just the title.

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doubt it

i'm happy with bioware working on the DS, i'd be ecstatic if obsidian worked on the DS