Animal Crossing: Wild World "seeders" WARNING

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have you been seeded??????

are you a seeder?

if you are then you can suck a cockroach

if you DO NOT want to get seeded do not GIVE ANYONE YOUR FRIEND CODE ONLINE in Animal Crossing: Wild World

These Noobs called the Anarchists love seeding and laugh at their victim's

Please Beware of these seeders and be SAFE

(please spread the word and click on the "seeded word" to go to a link of the "Anarchists" seeding people.

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wut does seeded mean???explain please
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wut does seeded mean???explain pleasechad_daddy
People hack ACWW with AR or something of the sort and are capable of getting any item or thing they want. Anything. They can get rivers, money trees, rocks, houses, waterfalls, Christmas trees, and anything you can think of and carry it around with them as a "seed". Guess what they can do what these seeds? They can drop a river or something in front of your entrance, your house anywhere and then leave (which saves the game). That's why whenever I played the game, I turned off my DS when people left without saying bye and I new they were a hacker.
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o *******
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I got seeded. I just added some friend codes and people joined my world. Someone put a nook shop in my gate. Im mad. Now im going to turn off my ds when go go offline and also not save when somebody asks.

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Well I will watch out for it incase I ever get the game.
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Well. The Most known Seeder Group I hated was. Th3 Cookz 4 Lif3 thats how the name went. Zodaic was there leader. I herd he is dead now, is it safe to wifi again?