Your best and worst game endings

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Hi people,

My name is Rebecca and I'm a game-design student. Lately I've been trying to come up with new game ideas. But now I seem to have gotten stuck at thinking of goals for games. Mainly the ending of an ingame-story. For inspiration I looked to some of my favorite games and see how they did it. Unfortunatly not all of these games had such good endings.

This brings me to my question: Which game ending did you like best and which game ending made you want to demand a refund?

I'm really curious to your opinions! 

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For best game ending I have to go with a MOD that was made for the Dragon Age game. [SPOILERS]During the game you had the option of romancing your travel companions. In a certain ending you could even marry the new King Alistair and become the new Queen. What I didn't like, and I guess a lot of other people didn't like was that the whole wedding ceremony was only shown through a block of text.

Later the Mod "DahliaLynn's Alistair Epilogues" came out and featured your character marrying Alistair in a cutscene.[/SPOILERS]

For worst endings Fable 2 and 3 come up to mind.[SPOILERS] The story was fine even if you only had to grind a few hours to finish it but end-battles were so unmemorable I had to google it to refresh my memory. Imagine actually spending a lot of time bonding with the game only to have the supposedly-biggest-strongest-villain in the game be killed with one lousy shot. It was disappointing to say the least.[/SPOILERS]

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I don't think I'm alone in saying that my all time favourite video game ending was FFX's. Just unbelievably sad but still

fulfilling. I think the biggest mistake is to think that a great ending is just one that ties up all the loose ends. The best 

endings are those that really sum-up what was great about the game (in the case of FFX, the love story). I think it's also important

that in retrospect, it feels like the majority of the time you were working toward THAT ending, which brings me onto...


The worst endings are those that use the good old Deus-Ex Machina like Mass Effect 3, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy VIII. There's

nothing less rewarding than having a key plot point just crowbarred into the ending in order to tie things up. Even if the author thinks

the introduction of this new entity will help explain things, it doesn't work as an emotional explanation for the player. We want to know

why we spend all of this time playing. Having a new entity introduced in the finale of a story just feels like the author saying "well, I don't know!".