Worst first person shooter you have ever played?

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#101 Posted by csiegeo (5 posts) -
counter strike, blackshot
#102 Posted by gothemile (3 posts) -
Without a doubt Haze.
#103 Posted by quakke (191 posts) -

I gotta add Singularity alongside COD. This is a piece of trash that does pretty much everything wrong.

#104 Posted by Gods_Son23 (226 posts) -
Halo2 [PC]. Outdated graphics with repetitive snoozefest gameplay.
#105 Posted by SOULESSxHeretic (5 posts) -
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#106 Posted by mark552495786 (78 posts) -

Call of duty all series and far cry series these two FPS games are my favorite and i played.

#107 Posted by Adri6 (25 posts) -

Well, there were many of them, however, lately I would say that the new game of Walking Dead first person shooter is just a disaster.

#108 Posted by blackjoann (35 posts) -

I didn't like Duke nukem forever.

#109 Posted by rangeraa (2565 posts) -

I'm sorry but come on... Only a fool would have thought DNF could possibly be any good after the hell it went through to get made... Honestly I can't think of a "worst FPS I've ever played" off the top of my head but my biggest disappointment would probably be Halo 2... That game was hyped to be so good...I went and bought it on midnight launch on a school night(which back in high school with only a McD's job to fund myself was a big purchase) and was beyond disappointed by the sub par single player campaign. To this day probably the most upset I've ever been with a game.

#110 Posted by Bob1dz (7 posts) -
Uhm yes, duke nukem forever pretty much sucked indeed. It was predictable and laggy too. Or was that on my old computer I played it. I forgot.
#111 Posted by gruoch1 (1030 posts) -

Call of Duty: Finest Hour (ironic title), Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, and Resistance: Burning Skies. I can't decide between the three.

#112 Posted by AloeVera4 (180 posts) -

Absolutely ANYTHING by City Interactive!!!!

#113 Posted by Dean_Domino (1 posts) -
Anyone who said Duke Nukem Forever clearly hasn't played very many shooters. Black, Turok 2008, and Rainbow Six for Playstation.
#114 Posted by JasonBroady (37 posts) -
The one and only Call Of Duty :D
#115 Posted by cxmg (13 posts) -

Damn With Quake!! it sucks,its even not user friendly

#116 Posted by sukraj (23060 posts) -

serious sam

#117 Posted by Cryio (26 posts) -

The FPS that I hated the most in my life has been the Battlefield 3 (singleplayer) . A boring, simply, stupidly easy, bugged like no tomorrow and without any redeming qualities. Even the graphics were ... eeh. 





#118 Posted by Blueresident87 (5339 posts) -

I've never liked the Duke Nukem series. Worst ever though? I don't know, I can't think about it right now. But that would be my answer if I had to give one.

#119 Posted by ZaKAISER (13 posts) -
Any Call of Duty post-WaW and Battlefield 3 campaign
#120 Posted by Phenomoim (1 posts) -
Call of Duty
#121 Posted by quakke (191 posts) -

serious sam



Strange? All SS' rock the f*ck out.


Worst are Call of Duty (every single one of them), Singularity, Wolfenstein 2009 (Call of Duty version), Exodus From The Earth and Duke Nukem Forever 2011 (yet another Call of Duty edition)