Worst first person shooter you have ever played?

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#51 Posted by Perth2008 (200 posts) -

Two City Interactive titles come to mind as worst FPS:

  1. Terrorist Takedown: Covert Operations (see my GameSpot review under game title), and
  2. Terrorist Takedown: War in Colombia (see review in my blog of 18 July 2010).

I am presently (or finally) playing Sniper: Ghost Warrior and so far its a major improvement on the above two titles (graphics-wise, if not otherwise) ... overall verdict to follow.

#52 Posted by fugno (3 posts) -

Oh, no way. You didn't just insult Redneck Rampage...? I still have the soundtrack to that game on my phone.


I second that! Redneck Rampage is a good ol' game. I have the nuthouse music on my phone.

The worst game for me was Battlefield 3 what kind of crap was that?

#53 Posted by creat1ve_fps (6 posts) -

I would say Homefront

homefront was a good game, but it is one of those games that is only fun for like a week or two
#54 Posted by undyingRuin (74 posts) -
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Ossy_King_99
#55 Posted by Alchemist3001 (76 posts) -

Hour of Victory

Even in the absence of ultra-lightweight tanks and teleporting troops, Hour of Victory would likely have been mediocre at best. It didn't help that the console version's aiming wasn't the best around, and the fact that the plot was somewhat lacking in consistency.

#56 Posted by gailgamesh (15 posts) -

don't remember the name but think it was 007 roug agent or somthing for regular x box reterned to gamestop for a loss the next day paid 40 got 20 basterds!

#57 Posted by sukraj (23243 posts) -


#58 Posted by CityOfShips (654 posts) -

Not really sure it is the worst, but I disliked Homefront immensely...

#59 Posted by Guerdonmyth (10 posts) -
Medal of honor rising sun. The enemies insists on killing you with bayonettes, even if you clearly have the upper hand from 30 yards away.
#60 Posted by smfalgout (42 posts) -

For me the worst shooter I've ever played is History Channel Battle for the Pacific. However, the most disappointing shooter I've ever played is Brink.

#61 Posted by wazzawazza18 (875 posts) -
#62 Posted by Messirr (8 posts) -
Luckily, memory doesn't keep bad things :) I really hated Doom... (this is probably the point when everyone kills me)
#63 Posted by Kerr_Avon (4 posts) -

I'd probably say South Park. Duke Nukem Forever was a bigger disappointment* to me, as I love Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem 64, and Duke Nukem: Zero Hour (the N64 game I mean, not the mod), but bad as DNF is, it's not nearly as bad as South Park.

* I wasn't hugely disappointed with DNF, as I wasn't expecting too much given the troubled delay period and the rumours shortly before release. I was more disappointed with Avlien vs Predator (XBox 360), as the original PC version (1999) was great, but AvP 360 was still much better than DNF.

#64 Posted by BarbaricAvatar (977 posts) -

Warhammer 40000: Fire Warrior.

Boring unimaginative rubbish and poor in every respect.

#65 Posted by sukraj (23243 posts) -

serious sam

#66 Posted by serialslb (6 posts) -


#67 Posted by Dexter-010 (533 posts) -
Brink. And I still can't believe that I had pre-order the game.
#68 Posted by MJS88 (60 posts) -

I remember an old PS1 Rainbow Six FPS being really bad (can't remember the name).

The worst online game I ever played was Vietcong... so stupidly buggy. Shame really because I loved the story mode.

#69 Posted by Mar_Sama (90 posts) -
first real FPS game was on my old PSX and it was Medal of Honor: Underground. Good game looking on the old times. Worst fps i played was Doom, just couldn't get into it and the best so far is Killzone 2 but Borderlands 2 as an FPS/RPG title comes close to it
#70 Posted by cbb1018 (86 posts) -
#71 Posted by cbb1018 (86 posts) -
Dude your not the only one.....i read about it in a magazine 2 years before it came out and i pre ordered it one year before it came out....you can only imagine my disappointment when it actually did come out...
#72 Posted by cbb1018 (86 posts) -
#73 Posted by quakke (191 posts) -

Funny how many ppl say Duke Nukem Forever.

Fact is, it wasn't a real Duke game to begin with. Just another COD-like piece of trash.

Call Of Duty, worst and most stupid franchise ever to be created.

#74 Posted by freddyhead (37 posts) -
Blacksite: Area 51
#75 Posted by t0pheNutz (1 posts) -

Saying any CoD game is the absholute worst FPS ever is pure hyperbole. Certainly iterative and samey, but they are all functional games.


As far as the worst, has to be Zero Tolerance. If you don't know what this is, it's an FPS for the Genesis. That's right...just imagine what that must be like, its worse trust me. I remember we rented it one weekend, back in the early 90s, many LOLs were had. Also SNES and 32x versions of Doom, were almost as bad as ZT.

#76 Posted by Subcarpati (7 posts) -
Doom (the 1st). I was a kid back then, and I was always afraid to play that game alone :)
#77 Posted by gruffharries (2 posts) -
Campaign of Battlefield 3, although expected to be bad, was terrible. Not a good story, as usual with Multiplayer games.(except for halo)
#78 Posted by DarksjeiK (53 posts) -


Legendary, that game is easily the worst


#79 Posted by MAS_100 (81 posts) -

For me the worst first person shooter I have ever played was probably 'Legendary'. An absolute mess from start to finish. Obviously there are probably much more worse first person shooters out there, but from the ones I've played that is the worst by far.

#80 Posted by Selina786 (15 posts) -

OMG..what have you asked..lolz.. I have very terrible experience playing these games..:(

Serious Sam 2

Elite forces

#81 Posted by rdrew1968 (1 posts) -
Thankfully all were just demos and not actual purchases, but the worst of the worst I've ever played are Darkest of Days; Hour of Victory; and Turning Point: Fall of Liberty
#82 Posted by Alex-Gopson (13 posts) -
There's a few really bad ones, but I've got to give it to Duke Nukem Forever. Bought it for the 360, and I have never gotten rid of an Xbox game I didn't beat or play through at least once... and then I played that game. Too terrible I couldn't bring myself to finish it. Biblically bad.
#83 Posted by sukraj (23243 posts) -

There's a few really bad ones, but I've got to give it to Duke Nukem Forever. Bought it for the 360, and I have never gotten rid of an Xbox game I didn't beat or play through at least once... and then I played that game. Too terrible I couldn't bring myself to finish it. Biblically bad.Alex-Gopson


duke em up sucks

#84 Posted by charlesnitrotek (87 posts) -

call of duty all series.

#85 Posted by GeneralMufinMan (368 posts) -

That first South Park game *shudder*

#86 Posted by EniGma1311 (254 posts) -

Without a doubt Goldeneye Rogue Agent for xbox.  Controls were the **** worst...

#87 Posted by Firerasier (1 posts) -

Your on drugs, its Aliens Colonial Marines.

#88 Posted by Beagle050 (725 posts) -

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Team Sabre : Playing this game is more agonizing than sleeping on a bed full of broken glass. It's unbelievably broken, and beating the other campaign (the possible one) requires the player to not care too much about living. I actually did beat the other campaing, which I consider somehow disturbing. Go read my review.



I actually liked that game, but it was horrible. Half the levels wouldn't even end or progress if you did something wrong. The AI was as stupid as a box of nails, and you could even crash the game by playing a level the wrong way. It had some cool elements that I liked, though. Loved the open terrain, multiplayer, and map editor. It's a 7/10 for me. The latest Delta Force games have no redeeming qualities, though. You would find those several times as bad as BHD:TS.


The worst FPS I ever played was probably Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, partly because I got it for the console. There was also the fact that bushes disappeared at a certain distance, making concealment useless. This game still wasn't really that bad (it was mediocre - poor), but I stopped playing after ~ 2hr of playing time and never picked it up again.



#89 Posted by disposition000 (222 posts) -
Redneck Rampage was awesome.
#90 Posted by MATTxQCx (7 posts) -

Bulletstorm is horrible.

#91 Posted by Burner4444 (26 posts) -
I see a lot of Duke Nukem forever throughout this thread. Were you guys expecting a good game? I normally wait for reviews so I don't play a lot of bad games but I bought DNF know it was a bad game and I got a good kick out of it. It made me laugh with how bad it was and how much of a dork Duke is. That said I suppose I'd have to say DNF, but I'm not going to act like it was a disappointment or a let down or anything like that. I knew it was bad, expected it to be bad, and in the end I enjoyed its awfulness. Also, I don't know if there is a thread for this but I'd like to nominate Singularity as most underrated!
#92 Posted by Strutting_Leo (1 posts) -
Colonial Marines is the worst by far. Its level of total **** is not even funny.
#93 Posted by VAAC84 (54 posts) -

I have two


The first is Turok: Rage Wars, because of the crippling bug that didn't let you advance past the third stage in two-player mode. I would have put Duke Nukem Forever here, but that's an obvious choice and I felt like being unique. But yes, DK:F was horrid, indeed!


My second choice is Counter-Strike: GO. Not because the game is bad, it looks decent. That's the problem! Every time I try and play a game, my "team" votes me off. Immediately. I get to look, but not touch, so to speak. I have played a total of 15 minutes in the 4 months I've owned it on PS3. I bought it because I wanted a new take on competetive FPS multiplayer, but I guess I'll never get a chance. I thought the CoD crowd was aggravating, at least they don't (or can't) kick you off a match.

#94 Posted by gunslayer5 (112 posts) -

Sudden Attack. It was an awful experience. 

#95 Posted by Bigloni (9 posts) -

I probably haven't touched the worst ones out there, but the worst I have must be Warrock.


Also I gotta say that Metro 2033's shooting mechanics are annoyingly dated which was a disappointment.

#96 Posted by ravenkiller (21 posts) -

any COD game COD is just ruining gaming in general.

#97 Posted by GamerNerdTalk (382 posts) -

Probably Aliens: Colonial Marines, or Duke Nukem Forever. They were both terrible games.

#98 Posted by Zack091 (2 posts) -


#99 Posted by UncookedMoa (4 posts) -

I have to say History: Battle for the Pacific. It was extremely boring. A gift I received from my relatives on a day that was not on my birthday...

Aliens Colonial Marines comes second. Glitches everywhere and feels like a pre-alpha build. Good thing I didn't buy it and just received it when a friend never wanted to see it again and just gave it away...


Modern Warfare 3 has to be the worst AAA game, in my opinion. Boring guns, poor sound effects, "worst of" map pack of multiplayer maps, flat characters, scripted campaign, poor survival mode, teammates kill nearly all of the enemies for you while you hide in cover. The game basicly holds your hand the entire game. Then there's the plain and unrealistic storyline of a small team of average soldiers who race to save the world while killing thousands perhaps even millions of Russian soldiers in Cold War-era mentality without breaking a sweat. Might as well be called "Michael Bay's Fireworks Simulator." Have to give credit for the fact that the game was polished and the scenes are great to look at, though



I'm sure there are a lot worse games out there that I haven't played, here are some I heard of.

Hour of Victory looks horrible. Then there's Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear, although technically an on-rails shooter, obviously tries to mask itself as a first person shooter by adding an on-screen gun. And even as an on-rails shooter, animations are poor and QTEs are common and even ignoring them, the game still looks bad as an on-rails shooter.

NRA: Practice Range has to be the worst and most poorly made first person shooter ever made.Looking at the screenshots show how bad it is.

#100 Posted by rkelll48 (8 posts) -
i would have to say duke nukem forever, i know that is a fairly common opinion, but once you think about the lead up to it..we all expected so much more??? i remember feeling completely ripped off by it