Best Stealth Games You've Played

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Hello Guys,I love stealth in games so i decided to make this what's your favorite stealth games?

Mines are:Assassin's creed of course,Sniper Ghost (1 and 2)

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MGS the original thief series.

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Hmm, Splinter Cell the first few games ending at Chaos

Metal Gear Solid, Thief are also good.

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Dishonored, Hitman (older ones), Splinter cell blacklist, MGS 4,

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Stealth inc

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Hitman Blood money is my #1 .

Metal Gear solid 3

Deus Ex Human Revolution

Metal Gear solid 4

Splinter Cell Double agent

Metal Gear Solid 2

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin

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Thief 2: The Metal Age is the best of the bunch.

Hitman Blood Money is also pretty excellent.

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Dishonored and Deus Ex HR

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I'm going to list a few typical and not so typical.

-Ghost Recon on pc before the consoles raped the series.

-Tom Clancy on pc before the consoles raped the series.

-Commandos for the pc.

-Goldeneye 64

-Metal Gear Solid 4 -- Yes, number 4. I choose number for because it gives that realistic option to actually get out of a sticky situation with a gunfight. Now, gunfight is not stealth but the contrast heightens the stealth aspect knowing the possibility of doing it another way is there.

-Splinter Cell 2, and Chaos Theory - Chaos Theory is still the best in the series.

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Thief The Dark Project, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dishonored.

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Thief 2: Metal Age. The best stealth game.

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I'm gonna get a little original here and say Manhunt. The game, despite being all about brutal executions and controversy, was an excellent stealth game. It gave you a ton of weapons of various sizes, that gave out various amounts of noise, three types of stealth kills for each weapon, varying in speed (the slower ones were more spectacular but gave you less time for escape), items to distract your enemies with and ability to produce sounds for calling them out (knocking, whistling etc.).

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Splinter Cell series (always preferred it over MGS, the best stealth game ever)

Hitman series

MGS series

Tenchu series (hoping for a remake)

Sly Cooper series (not 100% stealth but it was pretty awesome on PS2)

AC Black Flag (never liked AC but BF blew my mind, 1st AC game I actually wasted money on)

Skyrim/Fallout 3 (again not 100% stealthy but u know...........I put em together cuz they basically used the same engine)

Batman Arkham City

Far Cry series

and I guess there are more but not my kind of stealth games (huge stealth games fan btw)

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Assassin's Creed series and Hitman Absolution

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Thief 2: The Metal Age

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Dues Ex Human Revolution

Metal Gear Solid 2

Hitman Absolution

Thief(older games not crappy reboot)

Alpha Protocol

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Thief 2: The Metal Age is still to this day the best stealth game ever made,closely followed by the original Thief: The Dark project.

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wolfenstein the new order

watch dogs

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Lol @ all the people who say AC is a stealth game. How's a pistol/crossbow shot to the face from a few inches away, or beheading with a sword/an axe in open combat stealth?