Best of the Best RPG's from Any Platform

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#51 Posted by Solori (462 posts) -

PS2: You've already played the best PS2 RPG - Shadow Hearts:Covenant

The only other must play RPGs for PS2 are FFX and Kingdom Hearts 1.

PS1: FF Tactics (I hear the PSP version is basically the same but I don't own a PSP so I can't say for sure)

Gamecube/Wii: Baiten Kaitos and Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

GBA/DS: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga and Fire Emblem (either one)

#52 Posted by Alexander146 (722 posts) -

Oh yeah, after getting it last week, I can say that SH: Covenant is one of the greatest PS2 RPGs ever, possibly even greater then FF12.

Oh yeah, and Shadow Hearts: FTNW and Wild Arms 4.

And I know I already said this, but DIABLO 2. It can't be stressed enough, this is one of the finest PC RPGs EVER.