Videos take forever to load and are therefore useless.

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Gamespot videos never load in a timely fashion. Occasionally, if I set the video to the lowest setting, will it take only marginally longer to load the video than to actually play it (it still doesn't actually stream properly). If I leave it on high quality (not HD), it takes about 10 seconds to buffer 4 seconds of video. (Edit: That was an optimistic estimate. I just allowed a video to buffer during the three minutes it took to write this post and I had about 10 seconds of video to show for it.)

I know it's not my internet connection because I'm not an idiot and I routinely get 10 MBps (that's bytes, not bits) downloads, and I rarely have problems with other sites that have videos. Given that half of Gamespot's site is now video, half of the website is essentially broken.

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Sorry to hear that you're having issues with loading video. Do you by chance have adblock on? That will often cause issues with the video player.