Turn off online status and stop emailing me

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I keep getting replies from the video comment section in my email. I have switched all notifications off in my settings and see no way to turn it off. I think I turned it off by clicking 'unsubscribe' but I remain unconvinced of its effectiveness. :P

Also, there is no way to turn off my online status. How do I turn off my online status?

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Well, I've unsubscribed and my inbox is still loaded with every single comment from the video/news postings I watch/read.

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This is why my GS account is linked to one of my many dummy email addresses. Last time I checked that email (I think for an account activation code at the Nexus mod sites) it had a few thousand messages from gamespot.

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jcknapier, are you still experiencing this issue?

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@DigitalDame: Yes, my inbox is flooded. I've made a rule to force them to go into another folder, so it's not annoying anymore.

I'll try unsubscribing again and then come back tomorrow. Unsubscribing might have failed before because I white list cookies, so I've allowed livefyre.com.

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turning of the "online now" appearance would be good. is there a way to do it? or will it be implemented in the future?