Signing in Takes Me Back to the home page.

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I get taken back to the GS homepage everytime I sign in. Why can't I just sign in and stay on the page that I signed in to?

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@Arther-la-Blunt: does the homepage included your profile access? I'm on mobile right now,so I can't provide a screenshot of it

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I usually stay on whatever page I was on when I sign in. could be a bug.

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@Smashbrossive50: Yes, the home page does include my profile access. It's just that if I sign in from another page (e.g. a video review or something) I get taken to a login page. Then when I log in, I am taken back to the home page.

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maybe that only happens when on a video review or certain pages? because I have signed in from a forum before, and I stayed on that forum after signing in.

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@Arther-la-Blunt: you should definitely learn the flaws on where is the best part to log in,I suggest the homepage itself or the forums like what @leon2365 said