Cannot acces my Inbox or add comments

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Lot of weird stuff going on today, first I thought it was Firefox, but problem occurs in IE too:

When on the main page, I can see the articles, headlines and descriptions.. But I cant see the number of comments placed.. (see image)

When I open the articles, I cant type in the text box..  And cannot reply to any messages. Also it says 'sign in', which I already am. (see image)

I also cannot enter my Inbox... When I hold my cursor over the orange mail Icon at the top of the screen, a drop down menu is supposed to appear. It no longer does.  I can still view my profile and friends, collection etc so that is working fine.


Does anyone know what might be the problem?


(Weirdly enough, I also have problems entering the US IGN site..  (it always automatically redirects me to the BENELUX site first, but normally I could use the Globe Icon at the top and click on US, and then a new tab opened with the US IGN site.  Now I simply get the same tab with the benelux version :S

but I nvm IGN is not your juristiction :P )

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-removed the images cause it didnt fit-

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This thread would belong in the GameSpot Technical Support forum actually. Thanks for bringing this up, will move the topic where it can receive the needed feedback and response :)
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Another issue I'm having:

On the main page, when I scroll down and click on "Show me more" on the bottom of the article list, it takes me back to the top of the same page...

Seriously, what the hell?

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all problems are fixed!  just in time for the konami conference ;)