Ever wondered how the post-apocalypse world will look like? Well, look no more for the question has been answered.

The cold war may be over, the mutual assured destruction theory is no more, we are heading to a new age of "peace" (at least between the great powers) were the fear of a nuclear holocaust seems more, and more distant.

But no for our fellas at Bethesda, who took the opportunity to revive one of the greatest game franchises out there, of course I'm talking of Fallout.

In this alternate-history game, the world was indeed ravaged by nuclear fire, making Mad Max wildest dreams come true. But before the world was destroyed the "evil U.S government" (trust me in the game the main antagonist is the pre-war U.S government, so I'm not trying to start a political debate on a gaming site) constructed the famous underground vaults which sheltered a tiny part of the population from the horrors of the nuclear winter.

You play as an inhabitant of one of these vaults, suffice it to say, you will have to venture outside to the real post-nuclear world, which is livelier, deadlier and funnier.

The game world is vast, one would think that a nuclear war would robe mankind of its cheerful attitude, well it didn't, and of course radiation brings mutation, so you can expect to meet the famous ghouls, mutated animals, that are no longer as defenseless as one would think.

The character creation tool is superb, you can build your character to your liking, with the skills you like, and some funny and useful perks that will undoubtedly help you in your travels.

The graphics are awesome, the extent of destruction is really shown at its best, the battles will leave you itching for more (specially big battles).

The story may not be the most original one out there, but surely builds a great plot that will keep you wanting to know, what happens next.

The soundtrack is superb, I'm not talking about the environment soundtrack, but of the tracklist that you'll be able to hear as a radio. Great classics.

This game also differs in the way that it isn't a turn-based game like the previous installments, but a real-time action RPG.

Of course by now you must be tired and bored of reading this review (that is, if you made it this far) so what are you waiting for, go get this game an play it for god's sake!