Nowhere close to a nuclear disaster

User Rating: 10 | Fallout 3 X360
This game made me **** my pants when i first popped it in. You don't know how excited I was to finally play this.

Just like many others, I have waited a VERY long time to play this game. As a fan of the first two games in the Fallout series, and The Elder Scrolls, well, any game Bethesda throws at me, I fell in love all over again as I had years ago.

This game was better than I had expected, and has topped the list on my favorite games. The game put me in a complete shock in awe when i first exited that vault. The gameplay videos are nowhere near as great and amazing as when you are actually sitting in that gaming seat!! I know for a fact, that I'm calling in sick tomorrow just to play this game a little bit longer.

I'm sure that this game will compete with a few others for GOTY, but who knows who will win! All i know, is that Fallout 3 has locked in my vote with a definite YES!!