I have played over 500 different games, and this beats all by far!

User Rating: 10 | Battlestations: Pacific X360
The best game I have ever played, and that's saying something because I have played over five hundred games. Ranging from First Person Shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield to Strategy like Total War. I have played FIFA, Madden, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, 2K Sports Baseball and many other sports titles aswell. What makes this game so good is that it embraces the sea and air battles of the Pacific in World War Two, while most games focus to strongly on the land gameplay and fighting. If anything makes me happy in the gaming universe, its being able to plug in this game, grab a couple kamikaze planes and smash into a few warships. Bombers, fighters, destroyers, warships, submarines, transports, they have it all as you rage through the Pacific. The main turn downs are the campaign can seem repetitive and hard at certain points and that the multiplayer is neglected and no one plays it. After hours of searching, I will be back in the same lobby with only one guy in it who has no ranking and probally is the CPU trying to act like someone is trying to play. Despite all those issues, its stunning graphics and delicious gameplay making one of the best games ever played!