great balance between action and strategy

User Rating: 9 | Battlestations: Pacific X360
i would recomend people check out this game if your a strategy fan u will like it and same if your a action fan but u dont have to be a strategy fan to like it. because its setup up so you can just play as one unit or every unit there is.and if you really wanted you could play from the battle map without even being in the game. the graphics are top notch the sound has great detail from the big 14inch guns going off to a plane screaming down to bomb youre all the modes they have now from skirmishes to island captures and so on.the multiplayer factor in this game is very high you can have lots of fun working together to take out your oppents from giving air support to youre friends to helping them bomb a enemy base. so too rap this up its a oustanding game in my oppinion and recomend that u guys atleast try it.