Sony: Negative Xbox One response a "very useful source" for PS4

Shuhei Yoshida says backlash over Microsoft's policies helped inform decision making for PlayStation 4.


The backlash surrounding Microsoft's controversial (and since-reversed) DRM policies was a "very useful source" for Sony in its PlayStation 4 marketing planning, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said in the latest issue of Famitsu (via Polygon).

"There were lots of people who gave their opinions on that issue to my Twitter account before E3," Yoshida said. "It's not that our hardware policies are decided strictly based on user reaction like this, but when we were thinking about what we had to bring across and how to bring it across, it was a very useful source."

Sony capped of its E3 2013 briefing earlier this month by declaring that the PS4 would play used games without limitations and would not require an Internet connection. This announcement, from SCEA CEO Jack Tretton, drew a rousing applause at the time.

SCE Japan Asia president Hiroshi Kawano further explained in Famitsu that the response to the PS4 has been positive all round--from consumers to developers.

"As of now, I feel like we're getting a very positive response. For this system, we made a list of what people expected from us, debating over each point, with user feedback forming the main basis for the list," Kawano said. "The software makers are also telling us that they feel like they really make some fun stuff with it. A new platform always provides the basis for new forms of play, so I'd like to see it connect to a revitalization of the marketplace."

Kawano also addressed PS4 pricing for Japan, saying this information will come during a "full announcement" sometime in the future. Elsewhere around the world, the PS4 will retail for $399/€399/ £349.


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