Game: Xbox One launch will "easily surpass" that of Xbox 360

Early sales data looks positive, says UK retailer, while Microsoft warns of stock shortages in the run-up to Christmas.

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Following the launch of the Xbox One in the UK, retailer Game has said that the Xbox One will "easily surpass" the sales of the Xbox 360 based off early sales data.

Game held midnight openings for the console in over 300 of its stores, and chief digital officer Ian Chambers described the launch as "incredible."

"You could almost taste the excitement," he said. "Gamers had been waiting for Xbox One for over eight years, and we saw a massive turnout at the midnight openings at more than 300 GAME stores across the UK."

"We've seen record preorder numbers for the new generation consoles, and looking at the initial response, it's clear that sales will easily surpass that delivered at the Xbox 360 launch."

"The first of the new generation consoles has set the bar high," concluded Chambers.

Meanwhile, Microsoft executive Phil Harrison said that Xbox One stock could disappear in the run-up to Christmas. "There will be difficulty getting stock through until Christmas," he said in an interview with MCV, "but we will do everything we can to accelerate that. And then from a software point of view on our services, that are constantly upgrading, we will continue to innovate there. From a games and product point of view, we have a very strong lineup for the year ahead. So this is really just one day in the calendar and then tomorrow it is back to work. We have some big games to bring to market in the first quarter and beyond."

Sony will launch the PlayStation 4 across Europe next Friday, November 29.

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