Cool shoot 'em up,pretty visuals, big bosses and a co-op mode to add to the fun!

May Contain Spoilers.
In a machinery world, sudden strike on you base is occurred. you and your walker are set to fend of the attackers.

The game starts with a short brief tutorial telling you that you have one primary weapon and two secondary with unlimited ammo. after that, you dive straight to action blasting you enemies,shooting them and blowing them apart. The enemies will drop some screw-nuts for you to collect, with those you will gain EX to unlock unnecessary upgrades to your walker, such as tint and a pet, but don't get to excited as the pets don't do anything, they just hang around and follow you, neither the tint. In fact the game doesn't offer you any explanation about the upgrades at all though you can undo your upgrade once every start of a level. The real deal are the gold bars, as you collect enough of them, you can purchase upgrade to your weapons and your health bar, but the game thrift on them either. There are also bonus items you can collect that boost your weapons or give you invulnerability for short period. At every end part of a chapter you will encounter a boss fight, that can be challenging but lot of fun, the bosses are huge and different from every thing you fight against.

The campaign is rather short, so you can finish it in about 5-6 hours on medium difficulty and less on easy difficulty.

The visuals are pretty and detailed, many things are destructible for no reason.

The sound is repetitive and uninteresting no voice acting and text appears on the screen.

The game always shows you vary small part of the map and if you missed some gold bars behind you, you won't be able to get it as the game punishes you for no being aware and not letting you go back. Sometimes the walker get stuck moving around on some invisible object and eventually killed. The progress is very linear, someone already chose the path for you and you have nothing to do about it.

besides that, it's still fun and challenging, and with a friend alongside, it makes a satisfying shoot 'em up especially battling bosses and a decent time killer.