Zoo Keeper should be very familiar to Bejewled players but has enough magic of it's own to be worth your time.

User Rating: 7.7 | Zoo Keeper DS
Being a puzzle game fan, I am always willing to try and and all puzzlers that have hit the DS. Zoo Keeper was no exception despite it's initial similarities to Bejewled. Several hours later I'm very happy I did.

The mostly laid back nature of the game never quite approaches frantic but that's part of the appeal. It's a relaxing puzzle challenge that is fun for all ages. Between the vibrant colors and animal theme this game has enough charm to appeal to all DS owners. The one drawback to the game for me is the repetitive nature of the puzzles themselves. Fortunately there is a secondary gameplay mode that runs you through a series of challenges (which are the same puzzles from the standard game mode but strung togther in a series of ten).

This game is portable, appealing to all ages, and, above all, fun. It might not be a grade A full price title but it's definitely worth a look from any DS puzzle game fans.