Zoo Keeper looks like a little kids game. But once you get the hang of it, it proves to be a good buy.

User Rating: 9 | Zoo Keeper DS
Zoo Keeper's concept is so simple- slide the animal to get 3 in a row. But once you get started, it becomes hard to put down. It also looks like a little kids game because of the use of animals and the funny graphics. It looks suitable for a 7 or 8 year old, according to the cover. But hey, I'm past that age and I still think it's great.

There are 6 modes- Those are zoo keeper, which the main idea is simply to advance to the next level (1 complaint- the set high scores are almost impossible to beat for this mode). You have to get the select number of animals to advance (example- you have to get 3 of every animal in the 1st level).Tokoton 100, where the idea is to capture 100 animals in total ( I find this stupid and never play it). Quest, where the idea is complete the task (example- capture 20 lions and not many others-This is probably the best mode in the game). Time, where you have 6 min. to capture as many animals as possible to get a score. And 2p battle, where you battle ONE person and try to run out their time. Best of 3 games.

At any time in any game, there is a binocular feature, which will point out all the moves on the board. You start out with 2, but you gain 1 more if you're doing well.

This game is really for anyone. But I guess there just might be a few other better puzzle games... well, I'd have to think about it.