Love/Hate Zombies

User Rating: 8 | ZombiU WIIU
Always wanted to love this genre. Hated playing Resident Evil 4 because it puts me too much on edge during the game (yes, I get scared of playing it. Not proud to say, but when Zombies surprise you from behind I get jumpy). Zombie U is a great idea and concept, bought it on launch day to give this genre another chance. Still have a hard time playing it, since these freaking Zombies get to me all the time (I'm usually pretty good in any type of games, but zombies get to me and my play in these games are like 2 out of 10) . Overall, if I put my own mediocre gameplay aside, this is a good game, great concept and the game is very well made. Uses the gamepad efficiently and the storylines are good. In my books, not as good as RE4, but one of the better Zombie/survival games around. My score is 8 / 10.