Don't believe gamespot rating for one minute!

User Rating: 8 | ZombiU WIIU
I was hesitant about getting this game since it got awful reviews. However after a friend told me to purchase it I decided to give it a shot.

Having just played about 10 hours I cannot say too many bad things about the game. It is a challenging creepy game. The graphics are great the way the game is set up with a safe house and what not is great and the idea that its more survival than hack and slash or shoot em up gives it the challenge that most games lack nowadays.

It has a little resemblance to Dark Soul's in the sense that it can be easy to walk through once you master the combat but can be extremely easy to die and unforgiving if you do not. Especially with the system of having to go back in the game and get your supplies of your body when you die just like souls.

All in all I would say buy this game if your looking for something a little different than the norm with somewhat of a challenge. I cannot wait to beat this and then try it on the hardmode where you only get one life!