6.5addicting, but repetitive.

User Rating: 7 | Ziggurat PS4

This game is fun, addictive even. When you die you'll want to play again, but if you play it too much you might find it repetitive. The rogue like elements are good, could be stronger but theyre good enough. You can explore at your leisure and collect more experience thus you can give yourself more or less of a challenge depending on how much you explore before fighting the boss to progress.

Tons of items and powerups and weapons to collect, a handful of characters and lore. With some fun trophies that offer unique challenges. Certain rooms will be just platforming and this offers a break from the monster slaying. Rooms with certain gameplay tweaks ( enemies move faster, player deals less damage..) are also fun.

More enemy types would help make it stronger, and is my main gripe with the whole game. But overall its one of the best roguelikes i've played.