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    The flattest coca cola ever

    I had picked up a 2 liter of coca cola to go with my dinner tonight and was really looking forward to a nice refreshing bubbling highly carbonated beverage. I anticipated the popping bubbles tickling ...

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    My across the street neighbor will sit on his porch coughing for hours straight, and whenever the weather is nice and I open my windows, he'll start grilling and the charcoal smoke always comes in her...

  • necroshaman rated Elden Ring a score of 9.
  • necroshaman rated Call of Duty: Warzone a score of 5.
  • necroshaman rated Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl a score of 5.
  • necroshaman rated SNK 40th Anniversary Collection (Limited Edition) a score of 3.
  • necroshaman wrote a review of DIRT 5.
    User Rating 6
    Decent racing game.

    Received the game for free with ps plus. The career mode was just about the right length and had enough different types of races to not get overly repetitive. I mostly liked the point a to b races a...

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    Ps now/ disc game exploit

    I think I just found an exploit to basically get some free games on ps now. So previously I owned fallout 76 on disc but I gave it away. Ps now allows you to download fallout 76 with a subscription. S...

  • necroshaman rated Dead by Daylight a score of 4.
  • necroshaman wrote a review of World War Z.
    User Rating 7
    I want to like this game more.

    A competent if somewhat repetitive zombie horde shooter. The game has some lag problems which are to be expected with so many zombies on screen at once but it doesnt completely fall apart. its really ...

  • necroshaman rated WWE 2K Battlegrounds a score of 3.
  • necroshaman wrote a review of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
    User Rating 6
    A souls game very loosely

    When you think of soulsgame the first thing that might come to mind is difficulty. sekiro has difficulty check. maybe you think about the experience system how if you die once you lose your exp and h...

  • necroshaman wrote a review of Mega Zombie.
    User Rating 3
    A Time Sink Not Really Worth Your Time

    I like browsing the free games on playstation and trying whichever new ones I see. I'm quite fond of zombie shooting games and when I saw this I downloaded it to play immediately. The movement feels s...