Great fighting game but lacks a lot of potential

User Rating: 7 | Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Yuujou Tag Battle 2 PS2
The gameplay is very simple you run around and fight random people through a specific characters storyline.The characters all vary in attack power and spells.The game is great for a zatch bell fan even if its all new to you you'll still like it somewhat.Its a great two player game and does'nt stop with the action for a while,it also features an upgrade mode,where you can upgrade speed and power.But yeah get it if your a zatch bell fan or get just for the hell of it.It'll keep you entertained.All and all its a great game solid gameplay solid game.Its a good game to have for 2 players.You also have these finishing moves to take care of your opponents,however if your opponent uses there final spell agaisnt yours its all a matter of button mashing at then point,the spells are used through a magic meter the more hits you lay upon your opponent the more it grows once it gets to a certain point unload and pull your way through to victory.